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Hologram Sticker

Hologram stickers and labels are widely used in almost all sectors to prevent duplicity and imitation of the original brand. The stickers and labels offered by us ensure complete security and an eye catching appeal to the customers. Our Hologram stickers and labels have unique optical properties that make them impossible to copy or scan.

Our stock of hologram and stickers are available in following forms:

» Sheet Form:

The holograms in sheet form are ideal for manual application and have separate serial numbers for suitability. There is no space required between square holograms but a gap of 3 mm is required for circular as well as rounded corner holograms. We supply holograms labels, holograms stickers, 3d holograms, tamper holograms, and security holographic labels in sheet forms.

» Roll Form:

The hologram stickers and labels in roll form are used with a label dispenser. These roll from holograms are available in blank or with different messages pre-printed. We supply hologram stickers and labels in spool form with a gap of minimum 2.5-3 mm between two holograms. These labels and stickers can be applied both manually and automatically.

  • The sizes available in our stock of hologram stickers and labels range from 10mmx10mm to 150mmx150mm
  • Square, Rectangular, Round, Oval, Rounded Corner, any special shape as per client's requirement
  • Our holograms ensure tamper evidence on the product. The advantage of these tamper hologram is that once pasted on the surface it cannot be removed clearly