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Hologram Wads And Seals

Holographics induction sealing wads offered by Balaji Enterprise comes with various multiple security features along with customized designs. Induction sealing wads with customized holographics image provides unique authentication along with security of the contents for the consumer.

Wads can be supplied as per customer's requirement with holographics customized image incorporated Hologram, Holograms, Holograms Seal, Hologram label, Hologram Sticker, Hologram Foil, Hologram Tag, Hologram Shrink Sleeves, Hologram Strip, Hologram Online strip, Hologram offline Strip, Hologram Hot stamping Foil, Hologram Tamper Evident, Hologram Non-Tamper Evident, hologram Wads, Holographic induction sealing wads are today highly demanded in the market for security, promotional and advertising purpose. Induction sealing wads are used to seal or close bottles and containers very tightly. By using laminated holographics foils in making sealing wad, there is added layer of security and identity to the packaged products. Holographics sealing wads or lids are very potent tools to make the packaging truly pilfer proof.

  • Induction wads are rendered tamper proof and more safe and effective than ever before.
  • Foil seal have a holographic image.
  • Foil is an aluminium foil which act as an excellent barrier to moisture, gases and vapor and is non-toxic.
  • The holographics image is laminated with aluminium foil. This is later coated with wax and LDPE for making holographics sealing wads.
  • Able to run on the existing induction sealing setup without any change in the design of the container or any additional capital outlay.
  • Can be used like normal weds, but they have the benefit of providing extra security.