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Holographic shrink sleeves

They are the fast-growing segment in the labels market because of its unique feature of security. It is applied on the necks of bottles security seal. These sleeves can a holographic tear strip running through it. Once the strip is pulled of, it cannot be replaced. One can combine holographics security to a normal shrink sleeve. Holographics shrink sleeves, also known as holosleeves, provide a reliable security solution to protect branded drinks against refilling and counterfeit. They are used in packaging of beverages Sprits Processed foods Condiments Mineral Water Liquor Pharmaceutical Cosmetic items Perfume Confectionery foils Pouch materials Lading for Cups and tubs

  • Reverse printing can be done to prevent marring and scuffing during transit
  • Tamper-evident holographics strip attached to the inside of the sleeve
  • Can be produced in roll or in Pre-form
  • Authenticity and utmost security against pilferage

Types of Holographics Shrink Sleeves:

» Pre-form Holographics Shrink Sleeves:

These shrink sleeve with holograms are pre-formed to fit a particular container. When heat is applied, the sleeve shrink to fit tight around the lid of the container. These are produced to fit the shape of the container.

» Roll Form Holographics Shrink Sleeves:

Holographics shrink sleeves are also available in roll form. The way in which the sleeves with holograms are supplied is determined by the way in which they will be applied to the container. If the shrink sleeve is to be applied by hand, then there are individual cut labels. If the sleeves are applied by automated equipment, then they come in roll form.

» Full Body Holographics Shrink Sleeves:

These sleeves fit the entire body of the container or bottle. These hologram shrink sleeves fit the contour of the entire container and allow the whole container, from top to bottom, to be decorated.