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Laser numbering hologram

Balaji Enterprise offers Laser Numbered Holograms. This gives an added security to the holograms which also helps in maintaining stocks and evading counterfeits..This is a very good security for holograms since all holograms have a unique sequential number.

In these holograms a meticulous and articulate numbering is done through the use of laser which is very hard to be duplicated. The laser technology assures that the sequence of the numbers is one and the same and remains intact.
  • Self-adhesive label with holographic effect and anti-counterfeiting features
  • Top class security technologies
  • Better brightness and vivid effect
  • Rich anti-counterfeiting experience for government, state customs and tobacco monopoly
  • Specification: the quantity of hologram sticker on one sheet depends on the sticker size
  • Base film: PET, 30 micron thickness
  • Colors: gold or silvery for choice