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Nickel Label

Nickel Label features exclusive and elegant metallic nameplates and is available in various shapes, finishes, textures and curves. Highly detailed appearance, sharp edges and clean look are all in one product.

Nickel Label is not restricted as the means of identifying a product rather they are seen as sales and marketing aids in beautifying the design of a package/ product.

Nickel Labels can be used in numerous techniques to suit the need of attraction
  • Product Identification
  • Branding
  • Corporate Identity

Your alternatives are:

3d Metallic Logo - Embossed metallic letters on a background of any colour.

Balaji Enterprise known for service, quality and flexibility, provides solution for of high quality, image-enhancing products. Our wide customer base includes industrial companies and commercial enterprises. We have earned respect in short span of time for our service, quality and flexibility. Delivery deadlines are always our top priority. Thin Metallic Logo -Separate thin nickel letters.