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Tamper Evident Hologram

Hologram Security Tape (hologram security seal) offered by Balaji Enterprise provides tamper-evident protection at the uppermost level. It offers you protection for envelope, box and cartons. The tamper evident hologram release hologram tape seals developed for induction sealing to envelope, box, bag, cartons, etc.. when the pattern released seal is opened, it' will leave words are images such as "VOID",'CANCELED','OPENED'.

Hologram security has the option of customization for use in any type of security application (government, military, industrial, commercial). They indicate "evidence tamper" or show that the product or package has been opened or tampered with. Hologram tapes (Hologram security seal) offer an effective combination of security and attractive appearance. The customizable, hidden text which just can be read by laser reader can be used for both anti- counterfeiters
Specification :
  • Customized designed holographics images with changing color
  • Can include high resolution dot matrix in combination with 2D/3D holography
  • Strong movement effect of hologram grading
  • Hidden text can only be read by laser reader
  • Micro text is close visual inspection clearly by by magnifier